Way to go SanFran!

I was listening to NPR this morning and heard about a ban passed in San Francisco that removes toys from and limits the caloric content/fat distribution in Happy Meals.  I’m excited about the ban, but it is sad that it takes legislation to stop being able to feed our kids awful awful AWFUL foods.  People are apparently unhappy with this according to Mickey D’s.  They’re “disappointed” in the ban and are upset because their customers didn’t ask for it and don’t want it.  If they really didn’t want it, then it wouldn’t have passed.  Parents shouldn’t be feeding their children McDonald’s anyway.  I understand it’s hard sometimes, esp. if you’re a household where both parents work minimum wage jobs, to have the time to feed your children good healthy food, but come on.  You could stay up later to make a large batch of food that will last the week.  Roast a ton of chicken breasts and have salad greens around.  Then teach your kids to make chicken sandwiches, salads with sliced chicken, chicken salad with a little mayo.  Seriously, you could make something that would last all week.  My mom does it.  You could just have cut fruits and veggies with low fat yogurt in the fridge for snacks.  Once your kids are a little older, even in elementary, they are capable of making their own food.  I wouldn’t recommend hot food without supervision, but making a pb&j should be no problem.  If it’s so hard to raise a child while consciously giving them as many advantages as possible (education, nutrition, socialization) there’s an easy answer.  DON’T HAVE KIDS!  Don’t half-ass being a parent because being a parent is hard.  Your kids deserve better.  Way to go San Fran!  I’m proud of you!

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  1. Brandi Virden says:

    I completely agree with you. There are plenty of other ways to make food for your family that is healthy, not time consuming, cost effective, and delicious. Fast food should completely be done away with – just not necessary in a world where obesity is a true societal concern.

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