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There is constant talk in every dev social group about the lack of not just diversity, but more specifically women.  This especially applies to women speakers at cons.  There is so much talk about how we never even try to give talks.  One of the problems is, there isn’t enough encouragement or support when the few brave women do put themselves out there.  There’s so much talk about why women don’t tend to try to give talks, but not much about why more talk proposals by women aren’t accepted to give our gender a boost of confidence.  This may be my hurt pride talking, but having my talk rejected makes me far less likely to want to try again.  I spent a bunch of time on my talk proposal and outline, and have spent extra hours of my off time working hard to get Nudge opensource (getting close), but now that it was declined, I don’t really want to try next year and get declined again.  It makes me think that there should be something akin to affirmative action for women in the tech world.  I mean, all the talk in the world about getting us to put in proposals doesn’t matter if we don’t get talks.  Maybe my talk proposal just sucked.  Could be, but doesn’t change my reaction to the decline or the fact that there seem to be only 2 female speakers at PyCon2011 and one of them is doing a talk incited by a gender/sex issue last year.  Just sayin’.


PyCon was amazing.  It was hands down, the best conference I’ve ever been to.  I got to know the reasons why it was turned down and they were valid.  Nudge wasn’t yet open source, and really, given the talks I saw, I really wasn’t ready.  Given the caliber of the talks, I would have been alone in a room, and that would have killed any desire to speak again.  Now that I’ve had a chance to get a feel for PyCon, I’m re-energized and ready to try for round 2 next year!  Maybe I’ll start it out easy with a lightning talk!

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  1. Brandi Virden says:

    Oh no! It is terrible that they did not accept your proposal. But you raise a very good point here. There is so much talk about needing to see more women, particularly in the sciences, but then when a female stands up to be seen and to speak to an audience, she is denied, this is not helping the situation.

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