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Sphinx Docs

So we’re adding auto-doc’ing capabilities to Nudge, and I’m in charge of Sphinx docs right now.  They’re a PITA…  One space is off? FFFFFFUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU.  Yup about that awesome.  They also don’t like having table items be longer than the column separators.  I’m not sure what they’re really called, but they’re the set of = signs …

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Recently, whenever I have downtime on the couch I try to learn something new about Python.  For the moment that learning has come through reading other people’s questions on Stack Overflow or the Python subreddit. Last week, I learned about setdefault(‘key’, default_value), and I got a lot of satisfaction while working on Nudge during the …

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Captcha Quirk

So, it’s come to my attention that when you enter a captcha, the only thing that has to actually match character for character is the first word. The second one just has to match in length, but as far as I can tell, it can be any mix of characters. I heard a rumor that …

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Things I should have known about Python #1

After the whirlwind that was Pycon 2011, I’ve started trying to learn as much as I can about Python.  I’ve even stumbled upon the Python subreddit gem.  I was reading this which pointed me to this, and came across a few things (of the many out there) I didn’t yet know: In the interactive interpreter …

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Things I need to remember about Python #1

dicta.update(dictb) DOES NOT RETURN ANYTHING. It modifies the dictionary in place, so if you do dicta = dicta.update(dictb) dicta will now be None. Thanks brain. Let’s hold onto this.


Splice: not good any way you cut it

This movie has all the makings of an awesome sci-fi flick with a not-so-heavily-veiled moral about how human cloning or even human DNA splicing is wrong.  Sadly, it falls FAR below my expectations (which weren’t that high to begin with).  I’m always even more disappointed by movies that *could* have been so awesome, but were …

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PyCon Talk Declined

There is constant talk in every dev social group about the lack of not just diversity, but more specifically women.  This especially applies to women speakers at cons.  There is so much talk about how we never even try to give talks.  One of the problems is, there isn’t enough encouragement or support when the …

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Playing with Google AppEngine (part 1)

So, I’ve been playing around with some CRUD appengine services, and I found something interesting. Let’s say you have: class Person(db.Model): firstname = db.StringProperty() lastname = db.StringProperty() and you do something like pass the following dictionary through the POST body: p = {“firstname”:”foo”,”lastname”:”bar”} then you instantiate a Person as follows (I’m ignoring all data validation …

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Way to go SanFran!

I was listening to NPR this morning and heard about a ban passed in San Francisco that removes toys from and limits the caloric content/fat distribution in Happy Meals.  I’m excited about the ban, but it is sad that it takes legislation to stop being able to feed our kids awful awful AWFUL foods.  People …

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PyCon2011 Proposal

So,  Warren and I submitted a proposal to do a talk on Evite’s service publisher.  It’s better known as Nudge.  In true Monty Python spirit, the name was taken from this sketch: Monty Python: Nudge Nudge So, Is your service a “goer,” know what I mean?  I’m kind of excited!  I hope we get picked.  …

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